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Duke: A Look at Our Newest Line


Duke: A Look at Our Newest Line

15:47 05 February in Duke Manufacturing, Serving Equipment, Serving Solutions

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“Whether it’s a traditional serving line, a group of stand-alone kiosks or a combination of the two, Duke can design the ideal solution to meet your specific needs, budget and fit your space”


Duke Manufacturing is a serving solutions company dedicated to creating a return on investment for foodservice operators. They do this by delivering energy-efficient, green equipment solutions, equipment with lower operational and maintenance costs, and equipment that increases product yields.

Duke and a Quick Serve Success Story

Frutation, a quick serve health food spinoff of Edible Arrangements that serves smoothies, juices, salads, and fruits, was looking for rapid, trouble free expansion. One major roadblock they faced was finding a suitable modular serving system. That’s when Duke stepped in.

Duke conducted time and motion studies to help design a layout to increase productivity. They discovered that traditional wood counters covered in laminate had a tendency to split and peel after just a few years of use. After prototyping a modular metal counter system, Frutation now has a standard front a back counter for all U.S. locations. The system was designed and is manufactured by Duke.

How can your foodservice operation benefit from some Duke innovation?

Whether you’re a fast casual restaurant located in the San Francisco Bay Area or a hospital or school located in Northern California, Duke Manufacturing should be an important consideration for delivering a return on investment in your foodservice operation.

Inform Marketing Group is proud to offer this new line. Contact us directly to learn more about Duke’s solutions, or claim your copy of the comprehensive Duke Capabilities Brochure today.

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